Shibashi 1,2&3

Shibashi 1,2&3 (Zoom class)

*** Beginners welcome **

About the class

Every Thursday 4pm to 5pm 

The class has been running since Covid lockdown in 2020.

A video recording is emailed to all participants after the class.  There are some who have other commitments on Thursdays who follow the class with this recording.

Newcomers are welcome!  It doesn’t matter whether you have never tried Shibashi or have some experience; the class is designed to quickly enable you to know each of the forms in depth.

Anyone joining now will be able to quickly catch up on the basics of how to perform the exercises and slowly pick up on the deeper understanding of the earlier exercises.

Each week we examine several exercises included in Shibashi 1,2&3 forms in detail, ensuring we know how to perform them with precision.  

As well as learning and understanding the choreography of the movements, we also look at the underlying principles and health benefits of the exercises.

Shibashi exercises are each repeated six times before we move onto the next exercise.  It isn’t possible in an hourly class to perform all three forms in full and study a few exercises in depth, so we usually perform one of the forms completely and the other two with less repetitions. 

Shibashi is performed on the spot and is ideal for remote learning on Zoom.  All you need is to be able to operate Zoom on your computer, laptop or iPad.  Ideally there should be enough space in front of your computer for it to video all of you with your hands held above your head.

Class fees

The charge for each class is £10, payable at the beginning of each class.

Alternatively you can buy a block of 5 classes for £45.  There is no time limit for using the advanced payments, so you aren’t disadvantaged if you miss the occasional session due to illness or holiday.

About Shibashi

Shibashi is a gentle, flowing Qigong exercise routine that is both a joy to do and deeply relaxing.  It is based on movements from the Yang style Tai Chi choreographed into a smooth, continuously flowing sequence of eighteen gentle repetitive movements that are precisely synchronised with deep, relaxed breathing.

Shibashi brings a merging of mind and body, reduces stress and physical tension in the muscles and leads to a heightened awareness of the body and Qi flows.  It improves flexibility and suppleness, and benefits circulation, lungs, joints, muscles and digestion.

Shibashi is very effective and easy to learn.  Very little motivation is required to maintain Shibashi as a daily routine because these gentle, beautiful, flowing sequences are exceptionally pleasurable and provides a prolonged feeling of wellbeing.

The gentle movements doubled by the rhythmic breathing are suitable for people of all ages.  When done correctly it does not put too much stress on muscles and joints and can even be practiced sitting down.

It is practiced around the world by over ten million people, and is considered a national health exercise in Malaysia and Indonesia.

In China, all one hundred thousand students of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are required to study Shibashi, which is currently the most popular and fastest growing Qigong in the world.

Shibashi is best learnt in class as an instructor will explain its many nuances and ensure you learn it correctly and precisely.  In class you gain awareness of the underlying principles, and feedback on how well you are performing and coordinating the movements and breathing.

The Shibashi forms:

Shibashi 1

There are eighteen exercises in Shibashi 1 and the whole exercise routine takes around twenty minutes to perform. 

The Shibashi 1 sequence is very popular and the exercises themselves are simple to do and learn, but achieving the deeper understanding of how to do them with relaxed and mindful precision takes a little longer.

Shibashi 2

Shibashi 2 focuses on leg strength, Qi (energy) flows through the leg meridians and balance.  

Shibashi 3

Shibashi 3 is an energising form which is a joy to perform.

It is performed slowly and gently yet it is both stretching and strengthening.

The movements connect both with earth energies and sky energies (often referred to as heavenly energies).


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