Shibashi 1&2

Shibashi 1 & Shibashi 2 (Zoom class)

*** Beginners welcome **

Every Thursday 4pm to 5pm

Shibashi is a gentle, flowing Qigong exercise routine that is both a joy to do and deeply relaxing.  It is based on movements from the Yang style Tai Chi choreographed into a smooth, continuously flowing sequence of eighteen gentle repetitive movements that are precisely synchronised with deep, relaxed breathing.

Anyone joining now will be able to quickly catch up on the basics of how to perform the exercises and slowly pick up on the deeper understanding of the earlier exercises.

Shibashi is performed on the spot and is ideal for remote learning on Zoom.  All you need is to be able to operate Zoom on your computer, laptop or iPad.  Ideally there should be enough space in front of your computer for it to video all of you with your hands held above your head.

Shibashi 1

There are eighteen exercises in Shibashi 1 and the whole exercise routine takes around twenty minutes to perform. 

The Shibashi 1 sequence is very popular and the exercises themselves are simple to do and learn, but achieving the deeper understanding of how to do them with relaxed and mindful precision takes a little longer.

Shibashi 2

Shibashi 2 focuses on leg strength, Qi (energy) flows through the leg meridians and balance.   As well as learning and understanding the choreography of the movements, we also look at the underlying principles and health benefits of the exercises.  

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